How can we help?

What makes Canadian Car Club Special?
In a world where customer service seems to be dying, we have found ways to put our customers first.
Simplified rate plans with no commitment or hidden fees
Rewards Program
When can I access our customer service?
24-7 email / web / text access
How is it special?
Door to door service
No long wait times for customer service inquiries.
Savings guaranteed
Unique Canadian products and services
What if I am already with Bell can I switch my line over?
As long as there is no contractual obligation we can do what’s called a “Transfer of Ownership” and switch your line over.
What type of plans do you have?
CCC Mobile has Prepaid and Postpaid plans available for Consumer and Business

iLeague Questions

What kind of SIMS do you have?
Our SIMs are compatible with Rogers network. SIMs come in standard size and can be cut to order, Micro or Nano (please note on order). If you are unsure please email us at [email protected] to inquire.
Can your sims be used as second sim in my dual sim smartphone?
Yes, they can. Since our sims are data only, you can use it as a second connection for more high-speed data.
What is your coverage?
Canada wide, from coast to coast. Coverage maps can be found at https://www.rogers.com/wireless/network-coverage
Does data shut off when I reach my data limit?
Yes, it will. If you wish to add more order online to top up.
Do you offer modems?
Yes, we can sell you a complete bundle with a 4G modem. Email support – [email protected] for details and pricing.
What networks do you have access to?
Telus and Rogers. The rates shown are based on Rogers pricing.
How do I continue with service long term or add more SIMs?
Email us at [email protected] for a quote to setup your postpaid account.

How do I setup my modem?
Modem manufactures have different setup instructions but generally, you need to access the modems programming to change its APN.

Will the SIM work in my smartphone?
Yes, it can. However, our sims are Data only and can not make voice calls. They work best in tablets, modems and other IoT devices.

Is your data high speed?
Our data is always high speed we don’t throttle our plans.

How do I buy more data?
Order online and we’ll add to your existing Sim card bundle. Keep your Product ID handy for easy processing.
What’s an APN?
APN setting gives your modem access to our network, it must be setup to connect. We have two APNs depending on the network. APNs can be found on our starters kit.

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